All Together Dead: Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire by Charlaine Harris, Johanna Parker, Orion Publishing Group

By Charlaine Harris, Johanna Parker, Orion Publishing Group Limited

Sookie's starting to get used to being surrounded via all sorts of supernatural beings - yet even she has her limits. She'd quite wish to take a little time to recover from being betrayed via invoice, her long-time vampire lover, and get used to her new dating with the attractive shapeshifter Quinn - yet as a substitute, she reveals herself attending the long-planned vampire summit, the vacation spot of selection for each undead strength participant round, as a sort-of human 'Geiger counter' for Sophie-Anne Leclerq, vampire queen of Louisiana.

however the activity is fraught with problems. Sophie-Anne's strength base has been significantly weakened by way of storm Katrina, and she's approximately to be wear trial for homicide. Sookie is aware the queen is blameless, yet she's hardly ever ready for different surprising killings: it appears like there are a few vamps who wish to end what nature started.

With mystery alliances and backroom offers the order of the evening - Sookie needs to come to a decision which facet she'll stand with, and speedy, for her selection may well suggest the variation among survival and all-out catastrophe.

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I was pretty sure I'd succeeded. I was wearing a sleeveless tailored white blouse, yellow slacks, and orange-and-yellow sandals, and my hair was down and flowing smoothly past my shoulder blades. Yellow earrings and a little gold chain tied me all together. It might be late September, but it was hot as the six shades of hell. All the ladies were still dressed in their hot-weather finery, though a few brave souls had donned fall colors. I knew everyone at the shower, of course. Bon Temps is not a big place, and my family has lived in it for almost two hundred years.

It was also infuriating, since he was implying to Andre that my excellence was to Eric's credit instead of my own. Though I was looking forward to seeing something outside of my little town, I found myself wishing I could think of a way to back out of the trip to Rhodes. But months ago I'd agreed to attend this vampire summit as a paid employee of the queen's. And for the past month, I'd been working long hours at Merlotte's Bar to bank enough time so the other barmaids wouldn't mind covering for me for a week.

Sookie was there," the vampire (Nameless, I told myself ) continued. That was true. Jennifer Cater's allegation, that the queen had lured her king to her party barn in order to kill him, was completely bogus. The bloodbath had been precipitated by the decapitation of one of the queen's men by one of Peter Threadgill's. Eric smiled reminiscently. He'd enjoyed the battle. "I accounted for the one who started it," he said. "The king did his best to trap the queen in an indiscretion, but he didn't, thanks to our Sookie.

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